Crime inc.~ Joel Rogers Explains the Myth Cap and Trade

May 11, 2010

Obama has known from the very start that the ‘Man Made’ Global Warming is nothing more than a hoax.  A way to separate man from money and liberty.  A way to control.  It was a  beautiful scheme to get rich while also gaining control and power of  the world.  A lofty place on a global throne, something long sought after by the left.  A One World Government or “The New World Order”.  Essentially making the US Constitution meaningless.  A casualty of false science and global collusion.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory doesn’t it? It may very well be the biggest scandal since Watergate broke during the Nixon years.  The proof is all here.  We just need someone in congress to grow a spine and go after these felons. This is about collusion for profit and power.

This is about 2 min of compiled outtakes.  It makes my point.

Click here to see the video of Joel Rogers in its full 56 min length.

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