Union Bosses Are Funneling Millions to Democrats to Keep Money Flowing To Them

October 17, 2010


Posted by LaborUnionReport (Profile)

Saturday, October 16th at 8:00AM EDT


Last year, for the first time ever, the number of public-sector union members exceeded private-sector union members.  As it has been estimated (conservatively) that private-sector union members (most of them under the threat of losing their jobs) shell out  $13-$15 billion annually in union dues, given the growth in public-sector unions, the union industry easily rakes in in excess of $26 billion or more per year in union dues alone.  As a result, union bosses have a vested interest in electing politicians who will help them maintain or expand their revenues.

In 2010, after finally having gotten control of two branches of the federal government and on the cusp of finally ending America’s free enterprise system, union bosses are spending hundreds of millions to save as many of their political puppets as possible. Consider this:


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