ACORN Follows Obama to India

November 12, 2010

by Ben Johnson

Your future under Obama’s “Green Jobs” program 

Guess what supposedly defunct organization greeted Barack Hussein Obama in India today?

The Christian Science Monitor announced even India is not free of the president’s longtime allies in community organization, corporate shakedowns, and voter fraud. India is one of nine nations to host a chapter of ACORN International, a “new” organization headed by Wade Rathke, the longtime head of ACORN. Which makes it look not so terribly new after all.

Rathke told the newspaper, “We’re trying to organize a vast base in order to push on all political parties” in India.

What is the focus of their work? Ragpickers in Dharavi, the decrepit area featured in Slumdog Millionaire. The Monitor notes, “Many of them are migrants or homeless who lack the proof of residence papers needed to vote, says Vinod Shetty, the Mumbai head of the ACORN India Foundation.” So, ACORN rushes to the rescue. “ACORN India issues the ragpickers identification cards.”

With ID cards, these workers “become eligible for city services.”

And, coincidentally, for voting.



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