November 18, 2010

By Lazamataz


The Pee Louse pranced from the SanFranTree Town,
Happy, and you might even say gay,
With BowTocks to help her not scowl and frown,
And a gavel to pound on, all day!

“More Health care,” Pee Louse sighed, while shedding a tear,
And she started to pass a Big Bill,
“And I know not reading it is a little bit queer,”
“But once we pass it, we will!”

The Pee Louse twirled, and spun round and round,
When she said to the Unwashed Great Mobs,
“Taxes are the way to great prosperity, and,”
Unemployment creates lots of great jobs!”

The Pee Louse is crazy, and lost the Great House
But the DemmyCrats were Pee’s good friend,
So they puffed and they preened, and elected Pee Louse
The Minority Speaker again!



The Wubama walked up the Hoobily path,
Singing and chanting and such,
He couldn’t do good budgety math,
And tried not to think hard, too much.

Wubama looked to the right and the left,
Reading the Glassy Word Boards.
For without his prompts, his speech was bereft,
Confusing the Murrican Hordes.

The Wubama fought for things nobody liked,
Making the Murricans frown,
But Wubama channeled a Marxity psyche,
So he went and he just doubled-down.

Wubama didn’t care what people thought,
He felt all the people absurd.
He will never change, nor budge one small jot,
So only one term is assured!

Here is the finished product. Post away on your forum!


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