Airport Scanners and Marxist Criminology

November 24, 2010

Understanding this view of Marxist criminology makes it clear why liberals have no problem treating ordinary Americans like terrorists due to the actions of a few radical Muslims. The senseless notion of treating every nun, priest, and toddler as a terrorist-in-waiting is precisely to blur the lines between good people and bad people, which academic criminologists have tried to do for years. Once that moral line between good and evil is blurred, liberals can furtively support evil terrorists and other dregs of society while proclaiming the evils of good people — like Americans.

Patently, liberals have a peculiar affection for felons, terrorists, and every other ilk of societal sediment. The examples are far too numerous to list in toto:

  • Rep. Diane Watson of California fulsomely praised noted murderer Fidel Castro for his leadership and intelligence.
  • Senator Patty Murray of Washington lauded the most notorious terrorist in the world, Osama bin Laden, as a great leader who made life better for his people.
  • CBS’s Bob Orr ran lachrymose stories about Feisal Shahzad being a lonely person whose financial pressures — and not radical Islamic ideology — fueled his terroristic behaviors. (Straight from the Marxist criminology textbook.)
  • Former president Jimmy Carter argues that a world-recognized terrorist organization — Hamas — wants peace, and he apologizes to Palestinians for the evils of Israel and America.
  • A law professor attempts to argue that the death penalty is racist because blacks are killed “arbitrarily.”
Liberals suffer from what I call a “reverse morality complex.” They have an obsessive compulsion to categorize good people as evil while praising evil people as good. For this reason, they are incapable of being trusted with criminal justice policy, not to mention national security.
It has been said often that political correctness and deference for Islam are the causes of this inane policy of airport groping, but this is only half-true. I believe that my idea of a “reverse morality complex” and a conscious, or subconscious, adherence to Marxist criminology adds the missing pieces to the puzzle that are requisite to fully understanding the liberal mind and its bizarre policies.

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