Communist Scum Lurk Amongst Us . . .

August 17, 2011

I’d like to see the marks any of them
got in History 101…. that would be a hoot

These people are either scheming Marxist racketeers or just plain stoopid… either way they need to just quietly get back to work- it’s over.

The U S of A doesn’t go that way… nice try tho.

But I never thought we’d get as close the precipice as we did… and it’s amazing the fools that lined-up to enable and empower this wacked-out Obama regime despite all the red flags (literally). At least the majority of the country has at long-last come to their senses and realized just who they’ve been teaming-up with.

The pics (via email) below come from the last May 1st ‘May Day’ demonstrations in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles… back before summer when the the American Far-Left still thought they had a ray of ‘hope’ left…


And oh yes, this march was co-sponsored by the labor racketeers and fun-loving election fraudsters of the SEIU along with other unions but also full-blown communist groups of the sort that used to induce knee-jerk repulsion in this country
(from normal people, anyway).
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