FBI Now Searching Homes Of Solyndra Executives

September 9, 2011



The company that was supposed to be the crown jewel in President Obama’s “green jobs” policy initiative has proven to be a sticky piece of tar. Shortly after raiding Solyndra the FBI have now gone to the homes of the company’s executives. Executives that repeatedly visited the White House. From Weasel Zippers via iWatch News:

Federal agents have expanded their examination of the now-bankrupt California solar power company Solyndra, searching the homes of the company’s chief executive, a founder, and a former executive, examining computer files and documents, the Center for Public Integrity’s iWatch News and ABC News have learned.


Agents visited the homes of CEO Brian Harrison and company founder Chris Gronet. Agents also visited the home of a third executive involved in the company from the start, according to a source who agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity because of the legal sensitivity of the situation.


Gronet, reached at his home Friday morning, did not dispute that his home was searched by federal agents a day earlier.

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4 Responses to “FBI Now Searching Homes Of Solyndra Executives”

  1. A Family member Says:

    Solyndra’s George Kaiser hosted a private fundraiser for Obama at his home way back in March 2007!

  2. A Family member Says:

    Hillary even linked Obama to Kaiser in the primaries..”Two major bundlers for his campaign — George Kaiser and Robert Cavnar — are oil company CEOs,” the statement issued Friday said.

  3. A Family member Says:

    SOLYNDRA SCANDAL WIDENS: Auditors Raised Red Flags About Obama’s Favorite Green Company http://www.businessinsider.com/solyndra-scandal-auditors-raised-substantial-doubts-about-company-before-controversial-federal-loan-2011-9

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