Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

October 21, 2011

(January 2008)
Obama in his own words and how he would force prices to skyrocket. It would appear this is one of the few times Obama was honest when he was speaking.


Obama to EPA implement coal- killing rules 13 days before  FERC hearing on their potential  effects

Some called it a gaffe when current Vice President Joe Biden was caught on video saying, “No Coal Plants Here in America,” during the 2008 campaign. Now, thanks to a bit of curious timing, the Obama administration may be a step closer to achieving that very thing, destroying up to 1.4 million jobs in the progress. The move will also lead to a significant increase in energy prices; however, it may be too late to do anything about all that by the time the information comes to light. And yet some think Wall Street, not Washington, is the problem.

Here’s the issue–one part of it, anyway. Connect the dots, beginning with this Federal Energy Regulatory Commission item.

FERC has scheduled a hearing next month to discuss the reliability of the power grid, particularly in regards to concerns stemming from new EPA regulations. Critics of the EPA have made reliability a central theme of their attack on new pollution regulations for power plants and pressed FERC to evaluate their concerns. The hearing is set for November 29.

That sounds good, until one realizes that the EPA intends to put some of said new regulations in effect, over the objections of many states, before their likely impact is discussed more broadly.



Obama Stalls Deepwater Drilling Despite Lifting of Moratorium by Sen. David Vitter 10/20/2011


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