Judge Jeanine Unloads On Dirty Harry Reid: “Make My Day” (Video)

April 27, 2014

Nice Deb

Judge Jeanine Pirro lowered the boom on  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during  her opening statement on her show, Saturday night with new allegations of his involvement with the BLM’s attempted land-grab of the Bundy ranch.

“Reid labeled opponents of his federal land-grab, ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISTS'”,  she noted. “This, after calling terminally ill cancer patients who say that they’ve lost their doctors – LIARS, and calling a prominent family that builds hospital wings, schools, and gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity – UNAMERICAN.”

Since Harry Reid likes name-calling so much, Pirro decided it would be fair to turn the table and suggest a nickname for him – “DIRTY HARRY.”

“The story I’m about to tell you starts with Dirty Harry’s longtime senior aide – his puppet on a string with virtually no experience at the Bureau of Land Management, who now runs it,” she began.

She wondered aloud…

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