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Is Abortion Murder?

November 27, 2012


by—Samuel Voisard

A mother stepped into the doctor’s office carrying a bright and beautiful baby a year old. Seating herself near her family physician, she said, “Doctor, I want you to help me out of trouble. My baby is only a year old, and I have conceived again, and I do not want to have children so close together.”

“What do you want me to do?” asked the Doc.

“Oh, anything to get rid of it for me,” she replied.

After thinking for a moment, the doctor said, “I think I can suggest a better method of helping you out. If you object to having two children so close together, the best way would be to kill the one on your lap, and it makes no difference to me which one I kill for you. Besides, it might be dangerous for you if I undertook to kill the younger one.”

The woman almost fainted away as she jumped up from her chair and screamed, “Murderer!”

A few words of explanation from the doctor soon convinced the mother that his offer to commit murder was no worse than her request for the destruction of the unborn child. In either case it would be murder. The only difference would be the age of the victim.

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