» Tea Party Fights Back: #OccupyOrlando Forcibly Removed From Sheriff Joe Arpaio Event. Racist “Brown Berets” invade a peaceful, pro-Arizona crowd rallying in front of the All-Star Game in Anaheim, July 13, 2010. Modeled after the Black Panthers, the Brown Berets (nicknamed the “Tan Klan” because of their virulently racist views) want a “racially pure Aztlan” with all White Europeans and Jews forcibly removed. They are pro-Islamic terrorism and have called Osama Bin Laden the “Muslim Pancho Villa”. Imagine if a handful of white Tea party folks walked into a pro-illegal rally and said similar things – it would make every national news broadcast for days on end. But of course, unlike the NAACP slander claims – the Tea Party does not stand for racism. But watch as the “Tan Klan” gets a pass for their hate by the media once again.

By Chuck Wolk on May 18, 2010 8:34 PM | 8 Comments

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News video about the “Rape Trees” found in the desert.