Dead state walking – Tea Party Nation.

California died some time ago.  It just hasn’t had the good manners to fall down yet.  California is a poster child for the failure of liberal economics.  The last dying gasp of conservatism in California was Prop 13 in 1978 to limit property taxes.  That one worked.  Since then every tax in California has gone through the roof.  So has government spending.


Every lunatic liberal idea that can be invented is being used in California.  The result is predictable.  Everyone who has a business that can move is moving.  Everyone who has a job that can move is moving.  The only people who are not moving are government employees and those on public assistance.


Over a twenty-five year period, California added a net sum of over 10 million people.  Unfortunately for California, only 150,000 of those new residents were taxpayers. 


California’s situation has been called a Greek Tragedy.  Comparing California to Greece is not a bad analogy.  They have both made the same mistakes.

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