Priceless – LA radio host decimates Debbie over her choice of LA mayor Villaraigosa as DNC convention chair.



“I really find your comments disappointing and borderline offensive,” Wasserman-Schultz told [790 KABC’s Doug] McIntyre. Just her way of saying they’re absolutely true (as well as being pretty funny.)

Dem. Chair Invested in Swiss Banks, Foreign Drug Companies, and the State Bank of India | The Weekly Standard.

Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Report: Parents of Dem Jewish Liaison Behind “Jewbag” Controvery Are Top Tier Obama Bundlers, Party Officials Questioned DWS’ Decision To Hire Her….

In the last few weeks, leading Democrats in Congress have called Tea Party constituents terrorists, said they should go to hell and accused them of wanting to lynch black people. Last weekend, at an event attended by President Obama, the head of the Teamsters Union, Jimmy Hoffa Jr., attacked the Tea Party, screaming, “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches (Tea Party members) out and give America back to an America where we belong.” (Note: the president was not on the platform when Hoffa spoke.)

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