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Thu Jun 3, 2:09 pm ET

Mexican and U.S. authorities were “secretly scrambling” last month to thwart a Mexican drug cartel’s plot to blow up a Texas dam that would have flooded an area with about 4 million inhabitants, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Dane Schiller and James Pinkerton.

Law enforcement officials were reportedly tipped off to a plot when they found one of the handbills that the drug cartel Los Zetas was distributing on the Mexican side of the river, warning residents to clear out ahead of the explosion. Authorities found “small amounts of dynamite near the dam,” the Chronicle said.

Los Zetas wanted to blow up the Falcon dam not to hurt civilians, but to exact revenge on a rival gang called the Gulf Cartel, which smuggles drugs in the area, local authorities said. The gang has also been implicated in armed robberies of Texan fishermen in Lake Falcon, the reservoir behind the dam.

U.S. officials said they had “serious and reliable sources” informing them of the plot, the Chronicle reported. Officers placed hidden cameras on the dam and hid in the brush to watch.

Police Capt. Francisco Garcia of Roma, Texas, told the Chronicle that the traffickers would have needed a tractor-trailer full of dynamite to pull off the explosion.

— Liz Goodwin is a national affairs writer for Yahoo! News.

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News video about the “Rape Trees” found in the desert.

22 April 2010

Mexican Drug War Deaths Now Outnumber US Losses in Iraq 5-to-1

A lot of Americans don’t grasp the full magnitude of the gruesome omni-lateral Mexican drug war right on our doorstep, though recent sensational killings near resort areas and kidnapping of tourists have begun to bring the reality.
Since brave and principled Mexican President Felippe Calderone declared war on the vicious cartels that have a choke-hold on his country in 2007, fatalities have steadily mounted- officially at 10,000 dead (US fatalities in Iraq cca 4400 ).  But the AP and LA Times now r eport confidential Mexican government figures of over 22,000 dead … a nd that’s just three years… we’ve been in Iraq for seven.
The government has deployed 45,000 Mexican Army troops and 5,000 Federales in an attempt to take the fight to the enemy in the provinces as the war continues to spread- this compares to 98,000 US troops currently in Iraq. And if you found Iraqi factions complex, and the methods savage…


Things look to be getting a lot worse down there before the corner is turned… if ever.  More today at LA Times online.