Obama confronts hecklers

Obama’s speech is interrupted by a group verbally protesting for more funds for global AIDS efforts, and holding up a sign that read, “Keep the Promise, $50 Billion for Global Aids.

The  demonstrators yelled “Fund global AIDS! Fund global AIDS!”  during Obama’s speech at a rally in Bridgeport, Conn.





Obama: “Excuse me young people, excuse me.

You’ve been appearing at every rally we’ve been doing  and we are funding Global AIDS and the other side is not.  So I don’t know why you think this is a useful strategy to take.  So what we would suggest,  I think  it would make a lot more sense for you guys to go to the folks who aren’t interested in funding Global AIDS and shout at that rally”


Obama answered protesters by blaming the Republicans?  That’s what he always does when he doesn’t want to take the heat for his own policies and agenda……Blame Bush, blame Republicans

Obama must think we have AMNESIA ….



Wednesday, 29 January, 2003

Bono hails Bush’s Aids funding

Bono and President George W Bush 

Bono says Europe needs to match the US contribution

U2 frontman Bono has welcomed US President George Bush’s decision to spend more on Aids prevention in Africa and the Caribbean.

The US leader is to increase the country’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief budget by $10 billion (£6.28bn) to $15 billion (£9.43bn) over the next five years.

President Bush said on Tuesday the budget would help prevent seven million new infections.

“If we can turn the president’s bold long term vision into near term results we’re excited,” Bono said in a statement.

“Any delay in increased funding means more lives lost and an even bigger cheque in the future.”

Fact Check: Obama Scaled Back AIDS Funding

Now this is sad. President Bush increased funding to fight AIDS in Africa to the point where even liberals like Bono were cheering his efforts. Meanwhile, Obama actually scaled back funding.

President Obama has been a huge disappointment to many global health advocates, especially in the HIV/AIDS community. In July, South Africa’s retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu penned an op-ed in the New York Times taking Obama to task for letting anti- AIDS funding stagnate. At the International AIDS conference in Vienna a week later, the president was all but burned in effigy. Now, in the buildup to an important  United Nations summit starting Sept. 20, he’s being targeted by a congressional campaign led by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) to double the U.S. contribution to the multilateral Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


The Vision Thing

by Scott JohnsonAugust 05, 2009

Barack Obama’s plans for Africa are not nearly as ambitious as George W. Bush’s were.

President George W. Bush’s administration, for all its flaws, truly brought to change to Africa through its PEPFAR program, which injected billions of dollars of money into nearly every aspect of the fight against HIV/AIDS, from prevention to critical antiretroviral (ARV) treatment programs. Outside of the war on terrorism, Bush made it the centerpiece of his foreign policy, and it animated a great deal of time and attention from the executive branch. Projects like PEPFAR take years to show results and a steady influx of billions to maintain. But they pay off. Last month, South Africa began clinical trials in the first-ever AIDS vaccine on the continent. That never would have been possible without PEPFAR. Admittedly, it’s early, but for now it’s clear that Bush was better than Obama for Africa.  Read more



Wednesday, Dec. 02, 2009

Is Obama Scaling Back Bush’s AIDS Initiative?

“George W. Bush didn’t get a whole lot of attaboys on his way out of the White House. But on World AIDS Day near the end of last year, the outgoing U.S. President was the man of the hour, fielding praise from global health advocates and world leaders for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPfAR, which increased tenfold the number of HIV-infected patients in Africa who receive antiretroviral treatments. At megachurch pastor Rick Warren’s Global Health Forum on Dec. 1, 2008, Bush lingered to discuss this untarnished highlight of his presidency, a commitment of $15 billion over five years to combat HIV/AIDS. “No U.S. President or political leader has done more for global health,” said Warren.

But now some critics are wondering if Bush’s successor is doing enough. Many global health advocates worry that the success of PEPfAR — an initiative that has consistently enjoyed broad bipartisan support — may be jeopardized by harsh economic realities and shifting political priorities. Although Barack Obama pledged during the 2008 campaign to boost PEPfAR funding by $1 billion each year, his first budget proposed just $366 million more for fiscal year 2010 than the current year, and a majority of the 15 countries that receive PEPfAR funds will see no increase. After five straight years of funding hikes and public-health victories — in 2008, Congress reauthorized PEPfAR with a new commitment of $48 billion over five years, with Senators Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden all voting in favor of the move — the slowdown has AIDS advocates scratching their heads: Why would the Obama Administration back off from the one universally popular program inherited from Bush?

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1944554,00.html#ixzz143cadGH9



Barack Obama Campaign Promise No. 83:


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Provide $50 billion by 2013 for the


Speaker.Gov Nancy Pelosi


Pelosi Statement on Obama Announcement of Global Health Initiative

Democrats and Republicans have come together in recent years to provide historic investments in global health.  We have succeeded in providing life-saving anti-retroviral treatment and care to millions of people while also preventing millions of new HIV infections and eliminating some formerly neglected tropical diseases. Success stories can be found in nearly every part of the world.



12 January 2009

Bush’s Successful HIV/AIDS Program Looks to Next Five Years

PEPFAR is first major effort aimed at developing-world chronic disease

Close-up of Secretary Rice (AP Images) 

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sent the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief 2009 annual report to Congress January 12.

By Cheryl Pellerin
Staff Writer

Washington — During its first five years, from 2003 to 2008, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) exceeded its goals of supporting treatment for 2 million HIV-infected people and care for 10 million people living with HIV/AIDS, including orphans and vulnerable children.

The program’s 2009 annual report to Congress, Celebrating Life, details PEPFAR successes and the breaking of new ground in becoming the first large-scale effort to tackle a chronic disease in the developing world.

Bush Triples Funding for AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis


Long criticized for neglecting disease in the developing world, the United States has tripled funding for combating AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

Signed into law yesterday
by President Bush, the plan allots $48 billion over the next five years for disease treatment and research. It builds on the five-year, $15 billion President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which earned Bush praise for acknowledging the AIDS epidemic — two million deaths last year, most in sub-Saharan Africa — and condemnation for ignoring other, equally pressing diseases.

Liberals and conservatives alike applauded the Bush-backed bill, and Democrats gave the President a rare kudos for his initiative. Senator Joseph Biden (D-Delaware), told the Associated Press that PEPFAR was “the single most significant thing the President has done,” saying it would save hundreds of thousands of lives — and the new legislation is even more ambitious.

The legislation “is our compact with developing nations across the globe,” said Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, in a statement last week. “It says that America stands with them in this fight, that our commitment will not waver, and shows them America’s true facge of compassion.”

Read More http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2008/07/bush-triples-fu/#ixzz144AxwXHc

When will people stop cheering him on and chanting OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA and start holding him accountable for his lies.  We expect better from our Presidents.

Obama is not a uniter, he is a divider.

I think America is waking up to his lies

Obama campaigned for Gov Strickland in Ohio yesterday.   Notice the empty seats