Bloomberg is applauding this! More lost jobs! Of course they are in Va, not NY, so what does he care? This is the big push. The deconstruction of America is progressing nicely.

(Sept. 2, 2011)  Just a few days after the GenOn coal burning plant in Alexandria, VA announced their plan to close in October 2012, two other coal burning plants in Virginia are taking a similar path. It was announced that the Chesapeake and Yorktown coal burning plants would close by 2016 and 2015 respectively. The Sierra Club commented on the news last night.


Mr. Bloomberg and the Sierra Club

Published: July 25, 2011

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York rarely minces his words. He also puts his wealth where his mouth is.

Mr. Bloomberg, who believes that governments are doing too little to address the problem of global warming, is donating $50 million to the Sierra Club’s grass-roots campaign to block the construction of new coal-fired power plants and shut down existing ones. (Coal provides nearly half the nation’s electricity and about one-third of its emissions of carbon dioxide.) In May, he pledged nearly $20 million to C40, a group of cities around the world that are trying to reduce greenhouse gases.

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In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg chose not to evacuate the criminals in Rikers Island, according to Mother Jones. The mayor has also warned that any looters caught during or in the wake of the storm will be placed in internment camps. This raises questions about the role of law enforcement and order during a natural disaster. It also raises questions about the psychology of looting and rioting which occur after most natural disasters.


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