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Posted 06/03/2010 06:54 PM ET

Big Labor: Is there any low to which the SEIU won’t stoop? Now it’s interrupting blood donations in a strike against the American Red Cross. The Boy Scouts and Baptist churches are also on unions’ enemies list.

Demanding higher wages and better benefits, the Service Employees International Union on Wednesday launched a three-day strike against the Red Cross’ blood donation operations. The job action comes as the nonprofit, in a realistic response to the weak economy, is cutting salaries, ending bonuses and reducing pensions.

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More Photos of SEIU  protest:

American Red Cross Workers Strike for Donor Safety and Our Families


10:51 AM Eastern – June 3, 2010

American Red Cross Workers Strike for Safety

By SEIU Local 721

News Room

Press Releases

May 28, 2010

King: “ACLU calls the shots at the Justice Department”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Steve King (R-IA) today called upon Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately make the DOJ’s “draft complaint” challenging Arizona’s immigration law public.

President Obama has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to use the Department of Justice in an attempt to invalidate Arizona’s illegal-immigration enforcement law,” said King.

“The ACLU, SEIU and the Muslim American Society are calling the shots at the Justice Department.  The ‘draft complaint’ DOJ has prepared to challenge the Arizona law is a ‘cut & paste’ version of the class-action lawsuit the ACLU filed in United States District Court on May 17th.

No other conclusion could be reached unless Holder releases the Department’s ‘draft complaint.’ But when it becomes public, all of America will know what I know today. The ACLU and their radical affiliates are dictating the policy of the White House and the Department of Justice.”